Atsuhiro’s project

Name: Jozoya Project Owner: Atsuhiro Country: Japan Categories: Local supply, Best employer About Atsuhiro's project EnglishOriginal languageEnglish Commitment to use local ingredients produced in Niigata prefecture. Niigata is a regional prefecture which is about 300km north from Tokyo and faced to the Japan sea, and the Japan’s leading producer of rice, with its famous brand,…

Alessio’s project

Name: I Toscani Project Owner: Alessio Country: Italy Categories: local supply, best employer About Alessio's project EnglishOriginal languageEnglish The ns. project comes from a constant search for local suppliers for any food used in the restaurant, from vegetables to fruit, from meat to eggs,  to pasta to flour, and all this aimed to provide our customers with genuine…

loredana’s project

Name: Bar rist il cambio Project Owner: loredana Country: Italy Categories: Local supply, Best employer About bar Ioredana's project EnglishOriginal languageEnglish Need to finance local procurement and agriculture in order to source Km0 products. Original language Domanda di finanziamento per agricoltura e somministrare prodotti a km 0 Social Networks Address

Mahesh’s project

Name: SARTHAK FAMILY RESTAURANT(HM HOSPITALITY) Project Owner: Mahesh Country: India Categories: Best employer About Mahesh's project EnglishEnglish We have well experienced staff to serve you best quality food, as our staff always happy with healthy work environment that enriches the quality of food. Website Social Networks @sarthakfamily Address

Ivano’s project

Name: I SEV di Severi Matteo e c. Snc Project Owner: Ivano Country: Italy Categories: Best employer, Healthy nutrition About Ivano's project EnglishOriginal languageEnglish Our products are prepared every day, they're all from local suppliers and producers (kilometer zero). Original language Prodotti semplici preparati tutti i giorni, kilometro zero (da fornitori e produttori locali). Website Social Networks…