Name: Pure Grand Bistro Capital Fort

Project Owner: Antonia

Country: Bulgaria

Categories: Local supply, Healthy nutrition

About Antonia's project

The core of the projects includes the use of fresh and organic products from local providers to improve the health and wellbeing of the customers. This includes providers of fruits, vegetables, meat and diary products from producers that grow nutritious, sustainable and healthy food.
Then the information about those products and their origin would be passed to the end customer in the most appropriate way using displays in the restaurant, table mats, etc.
We value high quality food, therefore high quality products. The idea behind our restaurant Pure Grand Bistro Capital Fort is: « Our mission is to prepare quality dishes, so that our clients are satisfied and happy. » We would like our clients to me fully informed about the origin of the products we use and at the same time to ensure the quality by using local providers as primary source of the ingredients.

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