Name: Jozoya

Project Owner: Atsuhiro

Country: Japan

Categories: Local supply, Best employer

About Atsuhiro's project

Commitment to use local ingredients produced in Niigata prefecture.
Niigata is a regional prefecture which is about 300km north from Tokyo and faced to the Japan sea, and the Japan’s leading producer of rice, with its famous brand, “Koshihikari.” The candidate restaurant for IMD2016 is Jozoya. This restaurant located in central Tokyo offers fine Japanese cuisines made from fresh ingredients from Niigata prefecture, such as rice, vegetable, meat and fish. Jozoya also established direct distribution channels far from Niigata. Such attempt realizes its sustainable and speedy procurement scheme, which also underlies Jozaya’s social responsibility to support economy recovery from the huge earthquakes in this prefecture in 2004.

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