Name: Quirky coffee shop

Project Owner: Marie-Hélène

Country: France

Categories: Local supply, Healthy nutrition

About Marie-Hélène's project

Quirky coffee shop wants to provide excellent coffee and simple but healthy food to our local custumers.
Our coffee is a “speciality coffee” which means is only produced by small coffee producers all over the world but who have chosen small production for better production. The cost of those coffee beans is approximatively 30% higher than mass producers.
Food is our speciality too: we only cook simple receipes but based on good and only fresh ingredients, organic as often as possible, especially for vegetables, fruits, cereals and grains we use. We are trying to use local producers too, which implies here too a surplus cost of 10 to 30% on our buys.
Most our receipes are vegeterian, vegan, but not only: we are also trying to provide good gluten free meals. We are trying to make french customers discover “coffee shop” healthy food, home made from English culture.

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