Name: PanVinOlio

Project Owner: Mario

Country: Italy

Categories: Information to consumers, Healthy nutrition

About Mario's project

Our restaurant use fresh seasonal products of Italy, organic, without OGM and Vegan. We use few fat, salt and we are always to the search of new suppliers of small entity that follow the Italian, Europeans and USDA normative, with the purpose to always offer a quality product to our customers.

In our zone, we are the only place where organic products are used, we have always embraced this philosophy, also in the private life. We are constantly to the search of new branch and Wines of quality.

Siamo dei Ristoratori che usufruiscono di prodotti freschi di stagione prettamente ITALIANI, Biologici, NO OGM, Vegani.
Usiamo pochi grassi, sale e siamo sempre alla ricerca di nuovi fornitori di piccola entità che seguano le normative Italiane, Europee e USDA al fie di offrire sempre un prodotto di qualità alla nostra clientela.

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