Name: Wonnis Bistro

Project Owner: Yvonne

Country: Germany

Categories: Healthy nutrition

About Wonni's project

This is our slogan: Wir bieten sehr gutes Essen und Kuchen, hausgemacht, damit Sie WISSEN, WAS DRIN IST!!

We offer very good food and cakes, home made, so that you know what is in (ingredients, way of preparation and origin of fresh and regional products …)
Since the very first beginning we cooperated with Edenred Germany accepting the product Ticket Restaurant

The CSR project “ideal”, completely fits with our restaurant policy and personal attitude.

No special budget fixed, because current costs include healthy and regional products, sustainable preparation. We also operate as a caterer for a local kindergarden in the neighbourhood, that we daily deliver without causing any additional waste or polution of the environment.

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